There are some great techniques out there for getting creative with your author bio. You don’t have to use the same author bio that everyone else is using. Of course, that depends upon the types of books that you are writing. Those that write non-fiction and have to show a more somber persona in order to lend legitimacy to their books might have to avoid putting humorous or creative things in their author bio. With others, such as someone writing a comedy book, an author bio that is creative can actually help you. If you decide that you want to get creative, here are some ways to do exactly that.

Brag about Your Greatest Achievement

One of the ways that you can be creative is to brag about your greatest achievement. This could be a writing achievement, but it could just as well be about the time that you ate the most hot dogs at a state-wide hot dog eating content. The point is to make your achievement into something fun and creative that is different than what other people put into their bio.

Turn Clichéd Author Bio Info into Opportunities for Humor

Everyone has read author profiles and most are familiar with the standard stuff that goes in there. But what if you took that standard stuff and turned it into something funny. For example, if you were to write something like: “John Author was born in 1984. It was quite an achievement. Even his mother and father thought so.” You might also write something like: “John Author went to the University of Chicago. When he got there, he saw how much they charged for tuition and went to Illinois State University instead.”

Lampshade the Fact That You Are Referring to Yourself in the Third Person

You can also poke fun at the fact that you are talking about yourself in the third person, but you should probably leave this until the end of your bio. There are a few reasons that author bios are written in the third person, but the main one is that it lends credibility because it sounds as if it were written by someone else. However, if you’re writing a humorous third person bio, including something at the end that lampshades that fact can be funny.

List Real Awards and a Few Fake Ones (Humorously)

A great way to get creative when you are creating your author bio is to list the real awards that you have received and then a few ridiculous and fake ones for the sake of humor. You can create awards about anything, and list one or two of them after you list your real awards. Just make sure the people know which of the fake ones.

Pick One or Two Techniques

Make sure that you only pick one or two of these techniques. You do not want your author bio to be too lighthearted and funny, because you still want people to take you seriously as an author.