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Interview with Tim Pratt

“People seem to still like stories. As long as that doesn’t change, there will be a place for writers.”

Si quieres leer esta entrevista en español, sigue este enlace.

Tim Pratt’s ability to bring together the most extraordinary events with the most ordinary life is maybe the reason why his short stories are so fascinating. In this interview, the author of Hic sunt dracones, talks about his daily routine as a writer and how he finds inspiration for his work. Seguir leyendo →

Interview with Peter Watts

We are delighted to announce that Fata Libelli will be publishing a short anthology of stories by Peter Watts next November. Watts is a marine biologist and a respected hard sci-fi author whose writings delve into the issues of consciousness, intelligence and life.

He kindly accepted to answer some of our questions (which were a LOT at the end) about three main subjects: what does it mean to be alive and conscious, what does he think about the future and the future of science-fiction writing, and how is his life as a writer. You can read the original interview in English below of follow this link to read it in Spanish.


An image capturing the spirit of the first part of the interview

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