Fata Libelli is a new Madrid-based digital-only publishing house. We specialize in fantasy and science-fiction translated into Spanish for the global Spanish speaking market.

Fata Libelli offers specific digital solutions for our published authors. E-rights tend to be disregarded by traditional publishing houses, who may lack the expertise to exploit them adequately or choose to concentrate only on paper editions. In Fata Libelli our goal is to make the best of the digital rights for our authors.

* We want our authors to reach the largest possible readership, therefore we prepare specific marketing campaigns aimed at digital readers and promote our catalogue on the most appropriate channels.

* We offer our books on all formats with the best layout and most careful design.

* We sell our books on all major platforms and all genre-specialized online stores of the Spanish speaking market.

* We offer flexible plans to meet the needs of our readers

* We take care of our authors’ online reputation.

Fata Libelli will sart publishing in September 2013.

To get in touch with us, please send an email to hola@fatalibelli.com